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The Usability Kit

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230Tips and Tricks for a Better Usability Test by Nielson and Norman Group

Table of Contents
Your Input is Appreciated
General Attitudes
The Politics of Usability
The Ethics of Usability Testing
Finding Good Test Participants
Re-using Test Participants
Making Sure that Test Participants Show Up
Selecting Good Test Tasks and Scenarios
How To Actually Perform Tests
Planning and Preparation
Running the Test
Communicating Test Results
Reporting Test Results
Report Format
Individual Comments
How To Test on a Minimal Budget
Testing with Experienced Users
Hiring a Usability Professional
General Principles
General Knowledge about Usability
Usability Experience
Specific Knowledge about Usability
Specific Knowledge about Design
Specific Knowledge about Usability Testing
Communication Skills
International Usability Testing
Assessing the Quality of a Usability Test Firm
About the Author

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Finding good test participants

1.        Additional payment for introducing another participant

2.       Avoid facilitating tests with your own friends and relatives

3.       Thank you letters after the test

4.       Provide reasonable incentive – avoid to give them promotional gifts

Selecting good test tasks and scenarios

1.        Focus your test on core tasks, rather than on what’s new or fun or easy to test.

2.       Let test participants define their own tasks

3.       Write Scenarios – not just tasks

4.       Avoid tasks you think are humorous

5.       Avoid all describing the steps, Give the task with clues and a goal to participant


Report test result

1.        Make it short : 12~25 pages are suitable

2.       Test report format :

      Executive summary (1 page)

      Table of contents (1 page)

      Methodology (1 page)

      Test participant profiles (1 page)

      Test results (5.7 pages)

      Appendix: Test script, including test scenarios

      Appendix: Screenshots annotated with key issues.

3.       Include on page executive summary

      Top 3 successes

      Top 3 problems

      Your conclusions and recommendations

4.       Classify all comments


      Positive findings

      Suggestions from test participants

      Functional bugs

      Usage scenarios, where test participants describe their work.

5.       Distinguish : expert opinions / user opinion / user finding

6.       Simple quantitative

7.       Mention the positive findings

8.       Sort problems in a way that is useful to the particular audience.

9.       Individual comments clearly

10.   Include a recommendation with each problem

11.    Provide brief note about relevant basic usability or human factors principles


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